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Specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors

If you were asked to sign away a large sum of money in exchange for your own dismissal, would you agree? This is what you may be doing when you sign your compromise agreement without the benefit of specialist employment law advice. A settlement agreement will be one of the most significant documents that you will ever sign. It is crucial to get expert advice.



Get A Better Deal from Your Settlement Agreement

You are about to surrender valuable legal rights, so you should know their true worth BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Settlement agreement certification is not something that you should entrust to a junior or general high-street lawyer. At Expert Employment Solicitors, we have vast experience of settlement agreements. We are expert settlement agreement solicitors. We know what a good deal is and how to achieve a better one. We will discuss all available options with expert insight and reassuring clarity. You will regret not contacting us.

Consider the following key settlement agreement facts:

  • Settlement Agreements do not need a face-to-face meeting. We have acted for clients with settlement agreements from all corners of the country
  • Settlement Agreements can be an effective way of achieving an agreed reference with your employer (with the right legal advice behind you)
  • Settlement Agreements are impossible to change once they're agreed; its crucial to get expert assistance
  • Settlement Agreements need certifying by an independent solicitor in order to be valid
  • Settlement Agreements are usually paid for by your employer who often agrees to meet the fees for legal advice and certification


    After a six month struggle to obtain quality legal advice on an employment issue, I met with Victoria Othen from Expert Employment Solicitors. The efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of the service we have received from Expert Employment Solicitors has been excellent. The cost was far more reasonable than other specialist employment law solicitors. I would recommend Expert Employment Solicitors with confidence". B.Cox, Merseyside.